Windows 8 Information and Resources

Show Start Screen - to replace the "missing" start button

A small icon on the taskbar that is always visible, as shown in the picture above.



1. Click here: Show Start to download the file (276 KB).

2. Place the executable file "Show Start" in a convenient folder.
3. Then right click, and choose Pin to Taskbar.
4. Finally, drag the new Taskbar icon to the left hand corner.


Useful Shortcut Keys

Windows key   Start Screen /or back to last App

WinKey + C   Charms bar

WinKey + E   Explore My Computer

WinKey + X   Admin and Management tools

WinKey + I   Settings Panel, including Power button

WinKey + D   Show Desktop


WinKey + Q   App Search

WinKey + F   File Search

Note WinKey is ‌Windows Key


Go straight to Desktop at Logon - create a task that runs automatically when you log on. This is described with pictures here: Win8 - Boot to Desktop


Add a Power button tile to the start screen

View a full set of instructions on PC Pro Blog.


DVD Playback

Windows 8 still includes Windows Media Player, but it lacks DVD playback support. With Windows 8 Pro there's an optional £10 Media Center Pack (which Microsoft is giving away free to upgraders until 31st January 2013). But a flexible solution is to download the free and flexible VLC instead.

VLC isn't as polished as Microsoft's Media Center software, but it has a wealth of features, offering full DVD playback and ripping support, robust file-transcoding options and the ability to tune in to Internet videos and podcasts alike. See also a Guide to mastering VLC.


Turn back the clock, & get back your classic Start Button. Download Source Forge's Classic Shell.


Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Click here to download: Upgrade Assistant (5.3 MB)

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