Help for your children

With computers playing an ever more important role in our lives and careers, you probably want your kids to get the best help and tutoring in this field.


We can help coach them through the GCSE or A level syllabus, or we can simply help to provide them with a solid and clear grounding in the important aspects of word processing, spreadsheets, graphics design or web design.


We can provide short individual lessons of just half an hour to help solve an elusive homework challenge, or we can organise more regular sessions, with or without the parents joining in too.


Apart from focussing on practical skills, we can address any of the following subject areas

  • Computer systems, communications technology and information management
  • ICT Applications, Systems, Network and Computer Technology
  • Approaching and planning GCSE course work
  • Problem solving using ICT
  • Exam preparation


To discuss your needs, without obligation, please contact us.